Cargo Resistance Lists

Cargo Resistance Lists

Also known as Cargo Resistance Guides, Product Resistance Lists, these publications are provided by all manufacturers of Cargo Tank Coatings and provide a reference guide to the suitability of any particular tank coating to carry a product or cargo.

All Masters and Chief Officers of Chemical Tankers that have undergone the IMO approved Chemical Tanker Training Courses, know the importance of these guides, but as a surprisingly high proportion of cargo/hull claims arising from coating damage is prevalent in the industry, it is worth highlighting some particular points and misconceptions.

Certificate of Fitness


My Certificate of Fitness includes all products that my ship can safely carry so there is no need to consult a Cargo Resistance List.


The operative word here is ‘safely‘, The Certificate of Fitness approved List of Products is compiled by Class purely on the ‘safety‘ aspects of the tank construction and location plus the safety equipment – personnel & fire-fighting – provided on-board.

The tank coatings contribute nothing to ‘safety’ and are therefore NOT considered when determining the List of Products. Class do not care if you contaminate a cargo or destroy your coatings, that is not ‘safety’, so is of no concern to them.

All such Lists will include somewhere in that list a disclaimer to that effect, possibly in the introduction or at the bottom of each page.

It remains the responsibility of the Master to check the Cargo Resistance List for its product suitability. Masters should be aware that Brokers, Charterers and Owners Chartering Departments may not know of the details of any coatings, let alone their make, type and restrictions.

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