Cargo Segregation

Cargo Segregation

Cargo Liquid & Vapour Lines

Cross-contamination between two, or more, parcels is a major cause of cargo claims. Whilst the majority of contamination’s occur through the cargo liquid lines, contamination via the vapour lines is also a key cause, especially with flash-point claims.

However, other ‘common’ lines are also a potential source:

  • Small-Bore Stripping Lines
  • Tank Cleaning Lines
  • Heating Systems


  • Cargo Tank Bulkhead Fractures

and finally

  • Cargo Sampling contamination

Inadequate segregation remains the major cause of contamination, and positive segregation between grades remains the only method of preventing such contamination.

The below article on cargo-segregation discusses the methods and meaning of ‘separate’ as defined by the IBC Code.

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