IBC Code – The 2021 Changes

IBC Code – The 2021 Changes

The 2021 revision to the IBC Code follows a prolonged (20 plus years) effort by the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazard of Chemicals (ESPH) Working Group.

The 2007 revision to the Code overhauled the pollution requirements, with the A, B, C & D groups, becoming the now familiar X, Y, Z & OS groups.

This 2021 revision now addresses the updates to the safety aspects of the Code, with a redrafted Chapter 21 – Criteria for assigning carriage requirements for products subject to the IBC Code.

Intertanko have published a short summary ‘Gearing up for Implementation of the 2021 Revision of the IBC Code’:

Comparison – A Summary of Changes

A Spreadsheet showing a summary of the changes for each IBC Code listed product is downloadable below.

Caution is advised when using this spreadsheet, as changes may have occurred since this spreadsheet was compiled.

Chapter 17 – Summary of Changes

Chapter 18 – The 2021 List

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